exercise as medicine

Project Move — Completed 2013


Research has shown that health is driven by multiple factors that are intricately linked – of which medical care is one component. At Kaiser Permanente, we have many efforts to help support healthy personal behaviors, and thus overall health.

40% of health outcomes are based on personal behaviors. 10% are based on medical care.
Source: McGinnis et al, Health Affairs, 2002

One of these efforts is Exercise as a Vital Sign, the practice of capturing a member’s physical activity level during the clinic visit by asking the number of minutes and days per week that they are active.

In 2012, we were asked to build off of Exercise as a Vital Sign. We were charged with making Exercise Vitals more actionable for both the providers and members in encouraging behavior change. Called Project Move, we developed solutions over eight months of research, prototyping, and field testing.


The final set of solutions is designed for the clinic visit:


Project Move is currently being piloted at our two pilot sites, Torrance Clinic in SCAL and Rockwood Clinic in NW. We are continuing to monitor the progress of the pilots and pilot metrics will be shared in the Fall 2013.

Learnings from the project are being shared with internal teams across Kaiser Permanente, such as kp.org, HealthWorks, Employee Health, Sales and Marketing, Innovation Advanced Technology, Market Research, Care Management Institute, and Internet Services Group.